Mar 28, 2017

Comic inspired - Bubble letter Graffiti

It was a sunny day once again yesterday. Nice to feel the summer is coming our way.. Me and my old friend Tober got out in Spijkenisse to paint the local skatepark, with old pink tex offcourse! And pink fill means bubble letters, at least this time. We've had a good one!


Mar 24, 2017

Berlin Graffiti - Two Hall of Fames you dont want to miss!

After a 5 day trip to Berlin, we didn't want to leave without painting some graffiti. That is why we've visited two legal graffiti walls and reviewed them, like we did before, when we did a trip to London

Beside the good food habits of the Germans, Berlin offers much more - especially on the cultural side. Museums are almost on every street corner, together with pop up stores, food from all corners of the world. You could visit massive shopping malls, or you could just sit back in the park and enjoy the people passing by. And oh man, the sticker art community is massive.

And also a big thanks to Legacy BLN to grand us access to the second wall. Their shop in the Yorkstrasse is also worth checking out for sure!

1. Mauerpark - Central Berlin

The first wall we got to was the Hall of Fame next the Stadium, in the Mauerpark. Super chill spot, and good for approx. a 200m long wall. The overall quality of the work isn't super high, so you don't have to bother much while crossing someone. Wall quality is all right. Little bumps here and there, but that doesn't matter on a distance. We painted on a Thursday, and we didn't get bothered by anyone. WARNING: Please note that the side facing the park is legal, the side facing the Stadium isn't!

This spot on the Map

2. Park Am Gleisdreieck - South Berlin

A little more to the south (approx. 10 minutes by car), located in the Park Am Gleisdreieck, is the Legacy BLN wall. This wall is only paintable with permission from the Legacy BLN Graffiti Shop, located at the Yorkstra├če nearby. When you ask for permission you will get a card, which you have to show when the park managers pass by. This way the quality of the work and the overall wall is kept the same, which is better than Mauerpark. But still, didn't see any mindblowing work.

This spot on the Map

Mar 10, 2017

First sunny Trip this Year - Couwenhoek

Today we've painted the sketch which I made yesterday, with a couple of minor changes to the letter structure and 3d. The Blob character on the left was done by my lady. It was also the first trip with my new custom made leather bag by Pahana Design! Check out the pictures below.


Mar 9, 2017

Graffiti Blackbook - Psychedelic Circles

Here I am, writing a new graffiti related post. In a new environment, because I launched a whole new template yesterday. The blog is now becoming responsive, as the standard 'Dynamic Views' blogger template was giving issues on mobile devices.

Allright... Because the photo sharing app Instagram is getting more and more popular lately, I am uploading daily on there. Follow me there, @seckthewriter for a peak into my life, or just click the Follow button below. Enjoy!


Mar 3, 2017

Commission - The Website Design

Wait.. So you also create websites for clients?

As you may have read on the official Seck Design website, the website was released last week. I understand you are curious right now, because this is the first webdesign for a client ever, made by me. What is it all about?

Visit the site for yourself here:

We’ve added the domain.. Whats next?
From buying a domain name, to getting the website to work in WordPress, adding photos, text and forms, videos… It may be a bit overwhelming if you never build a website before. The internet is getting more important to your brand than ever before though.
Seck Design is capable of helping you with all of that. I can make a logo, business card, flyer design, but we could also update your Facebook page or create a website meeting your needs. All will happen when you are doing other important things for your business.
What it has to do with this website
When you see at first glance, you can easily spot the focus: Business related. Interaction with the customer is minimal, and the website offers a whole lot of information about the company.
There are a couple of pages which are worth mentioning though. The ‘Partners’ page is protected with an password. On the contact page you’ll find a fillable form. On the partners page, the logo’s of some of the collegues of Ropana are displayed.
Okay... what is this going to cost?
This is the most burning question, offcourse. Seck Design will make you a working website starting at a reasonable price of 1000 euro, VAT included. If you want to know what Seck Design can do for your company, don’t hesitate to go to the contact page.

As you may understand right now, I am very proud to share this with you guys. Thanks for reading and don't forget to like and share on Facebook!