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Apr 29, 2017

Graffiti Couwenhoek - Toy Story 2017

As the weather was becoming better for the first time this week, we got out with our new Molotow Coversall spraypaint to get something done at Couwenhoek, Rotterdam.

I really like the new Molotow cans. Do they cover? Better than the more basic cans like Ironlak (especially the old ones), and better than the lighter color Molotow Beltons. They didn't really 'covered all' like they said on the can itself, but thats okay. Coverage on chrome is superb by the way. Because they're low pressure its more easy to get clean lines done.

Enjoy this 'Toy Story' inspired graffiti! 


Apr 25, 2017

Chrome graffiti in Spijkenisse - The pole work-around

So yesterday the Tober and I got to Spijkenisse once again, to paint a quick piece at the Skatepark. 

It was going all well, but... When I finished painting my outlines, I was looking at my piece from a distance. I noticed the poles were painted white, and it didn't play well with the black background my piece had; Having vertical linework going across a piece, doesn't work most of the time. That is why I 'repainted' some parts of my letters on the poles. Take a look at the footage below! 


Gif file, click for bigger resolution.

Apr 21, 2017

Yoghurt Smoothie Graffiti in Alphen a/d Rijn

Today was a good day! Teamed up with the Kermis and Trem, the last piece I've done with those guys was at the NDSM Werf in Amsterdam, looong time ago. So it was fun meeting these guys again, even without painting!

But off course we did leave our stamp in Alphen. Enjoy this 'Yoghurt Smoothie' graffiti!


Apr 17, 2017

Pink monster Graffiti at Capelsebrug Rotterdam!

So, after getting home from dropping my girl off at work this morning, I couldn't resist it; I got to paint. Graffiti painters know what I'm talking about, it is like a virus. It has been more than a week, or at least it felt that way. So I chose the regular spot for today: Capelsebrug.

When entering the garage and looking at my spray stash, I noticed I had a whole lot of pink leftovers. I picked them all together and without a sketch, I did this piece today. Really proud how it came out! Time to get some new paint soon.


Apr 14, 2017

Tattoo Design 'Jereni' for Rocks van de Rots

So the last week I spend was.. yeah.. bit of a struggle to be honest. Designer wise. I got to admit, I never created a tattoo design before (yeah okay, this one from 2013, but that one never got done). But years have passed for this second try. Experimental producer Rocks van de Rots asked me for a tattoo design.

I learned a whole lot on the typographic side, but also digitalizing is getting more and more easy for me. I know designing tattoo's isn't that big of a problem with this kind of knowledge. But nonetheless, I have a bunch of respect for Rocky for trusting me in this design process. It will be on his chest forever. And I have the honour to design it.

Getting into sketching

Because the tattoo is an ode to Rocks' little niece Jereni, I could choose a couple of symbols to add from the references he send me. I chose the heart and the infinity sign as it shows the 'infinite love' Rocks' has for his niece.

From the start on, I aimed for a rounded, friendly handwriting. I've tried to keep some of my style in the design, but I had to let go of a whole lot of things.. Most graffiti linework just doesn't work with tattooing, especially this emotional type.

The digitalizing process

After feedbacking with Rocks, we came up with the sketch that had the most potential; In the picture above it is in the down left corner. We chose this one because of the thin lines, together with the flow of the whole piece.

I scanned the whole thing and put it into Photoshop. As the original sketch was on linepaper, I had to clean up the lines first. After that, we had some points to focus on: the R looked like a C, and we added the Infinity symbol which I've copied from another sketch. Check out the finished product below:

Click for a bigger resolution!

Soon I'll be meeting with Rocks van de Rots for a second tattoo design. Stay tuned!


Apr 10, 2017

Rasta Graffiti Sketch for Mr Carty Music

I have the honour to sketch & spray some new pieces for Mr. Carty Music, and some of them will be turned into t shirts and other merchandise. Because he is a reggae artist, I've used the Rastafari flag as a fill. Thanks to OB for the opportunity, more is coming! First sketch of the series is below.


Apr 2, 2017

Graffiti Capelsebrug Rotterdam - Purple-ish

Okay so first things first.. I want to thank all of you guys reading my art blog, because earlier this week it has reached 100.000 pageviews, which offcourse is a milestone for me. I'm a happy blogger!

After the flu got me stuck to my bed for a couple of days, we got out to paint properly today once again (I got to admit I did a roller with Tober, which is on my instagram). We got to Capelsebrug, and because I had a lot of pink leftovers and purple cans, we did a 'purple beam' fill. The yellow in the 3d secretly fits with the character that was already there on the right side, kinda funny. :)