May 25, 2017

Music Production Academy presents: The Summer Course

You may recognise the name Music Production Academy (or shortly 'MPA'), because I have been working with them for over an year already. Started as an intern at the music school in Rotterdam, and worked myself up to a fully respected graphic designer. I am responsible for most of their banner work, poster work and their business cards.

Most of the time, there is a strict branding we have to follow. But for this particular instance, I created the banner for the Ableton Summer Course - Almost totally up to my own taste.

Compare it to the other banner I made for (another) upcoming Ableton Course. You'll spot the differences. The icon box has been moved to the left, and is now filled with 'Sunny Beach Blue'. Together with the repositioning of the other elements, it refreshes the whole thing. Nice.


MPA Ableton Event Banner 2017

MPA Summer Course Banner 2017
May 16, 2017

Seck One - Graffiti in Spijkenisse - 2017

Okay, I (not so) proudly present: The first piece ever to be finished in two days... Because of the curved surface I was painting at the skatepark, my spraycans would run out of paint much faster than they would normally. On day one, when trying to get my outlines done with an almost empty Tar can, I realised that it wasn't going to work. 

So after a lot of swearing and throwing stuff around (Haven't been that angry for ages haha) I went home, to return to the spot to paint the last touches. Enjoy!


May 8, 2017

Graffiti Capelsebrug - Tricolore 3D

A quick piece today, with the sketch I posted on Instagram a couple of days ago as an inspiration. I borrowed a GoPro Hero 5 from Paul, but as it was the first time filming with a GoPro and we only had a chest mount none of the lines are actually captured. I'm going to buy a headmount later on, so I hope we have better luck next time!

Piece is a conceptual one, with 3 shadows placed upon eachother. Enjoy!