Jul 24, 2017

Back to the base - Capelsebrug 2017

So we are done with the travelling - for now. We all calmed down, and my hands we're starting to shake again; I got to paint! So we did this piece at Capelsebrug; No sketch, just a chrome freestyle graffiti.


Jul 16, 2017

Graffiti @ Vlissingen

Sigh... The holiday to Terneuzen is only a week ago, but it feels like I've been working ever since. Good for the money, but not for the creativity haha. These nightshifts together with the new banners I've been making for MPA are so exhausting, I didn't find the time to post this piece we did at Vlissingen last week.

So we traveled to shore city Vlissingen, after I found a legal wall on the interwebs and verifying this with local writer Heks. It was looking all good, the sun was out there, got the supplies, sketched, but... When we entered the spot there was a fence build which made 9 out of 10 spots unpaintable. A pity.

Anyways, enjoy!